General Shortcuts - Definitions

BA = battery opperated
B = width
D = caliber
ff   = functioning
gem. = marked
H = height
Konv. = mixed lot
L = lenght
LS = defect in paint work
M = scale
NK = postwar
n.v. = not complete
o.L. = without reserve
Okt. = original box
Rkt. = replica box
RS = rust damage
UW = clockwork driven
VK = prewar
z.T. Abb
. = partly without picture

size in lenght, width, height

Shortcuts in STEIFF/ Bears

KFS = button, banner, ear tag, chest tag

Shortcuts in Dolls/ Dollhouses/ -accessories

gem. Augen = painted eyes
SiR = tortoise in rhomb
SoR = tortoise without rhomb

Shortcuts in Timepieces and Jewels

GG = yellow gold
WG = white gold
RG = red gold
ct = carat
RG = ring size
NP = original Price

Shortcuts in Coins

KMS = Kursmünzensatz
RS = rückseitig
pp = Polierte Platte, Münze ist absolut prägefrisch und wurde in einem besonderen
         Herstellungsverfahren gefertigt
st = steht für die Erhaltung Stempelglanz (absolut prägefrisch ohne
pfr = prägefrisch ohne Gebrauchsspuren
vz = steht für die Erhaltung vorzüglich. Ganz leichte Gebrauchsspuren möglich.
ss = steht für die Erhaltung sehr schön. Münze hat geringe Gebrauchsspuren.
s = steht für die Erhaltung schön. Münze hat deutliche Gebrauchsspuren
sge = steht für die Erhaltung sehr gut erhalten. Münze hat sehr deutliche

Shortcuts in Railways

4-A = 4 axes
2L DC = direct current
3L AC = alternating current
AT = tangl-/hinged door
BA = battery opperated
BdA = instruction manual
BN = fleet number
BR = type series
Brh. = brake house
CL = chromlithography
DT = double door
FA = color wear
HL = hand painted
ST = sliding door
ÜL = covered with paint
UW = clockwork driven
Wg. = waggon

Shortcuts in Machines/ Drives

KD = boiler aperture

Shortcuts in Figures/ Military Objects

Hk = Hakenkreuz / swastika
Hp = hard-plastic
K.h. = plastic handpainted
M.h. = mass handpainted
Wp = soft-plastic

Voluntary auction from different owners. The operability of the single objects is not checked, unless otherwise indicated.


Z1+ =  showcases model, mint, unplayed

Z1    = very good original condition, stock traces can be possible

Z2    = good original condition with some play traces, light paint defects or
           changes of colors

Z3    = good but played original condition, stronger play traces, some rust,
           bumps, paint abrasion, small parts can be lost

Z4   = strongly played condition, new painted, stronger rust, lost parts,
           can be used for spare parts