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General Shortcuts

BA = battery-operated                                               M = scale

B    = width                                                                 NB = replica

BdA = user guide                                                       NK = post-war

D =   diameter                                                            n.v. = incomplete

ff = functioning                                                          Okt. = mint box

gem. = marked                                                          o.L = without  a limit

H = height                                                                 Rkt. = replica box

Konv.  = mixed lot                                                      UW = clockwork

L   = length in cm                                                      VK = pre-war

LS = paintwork damage                                             z.T. Abb. = partly shown


Size in length, width, height


Shortcuts STEIFF /  Bears

KFS = button, banner, ear tag, chest tag


Shortcuts Dolls / Dollhouses / -accesccories

Gem.               =          marked                                                                                                                                       

Gem. Augen    =          painted eyes

SiR             =          tortoise in rhomb

SoR                  =          tortoise without rhomb


Shortcuts Timepieces and Jewellery

GG = yellow gold
WG = white gold
RG = red gold
ct = carat
RG = ring size
NP = Original Price

Shortcuts Coins

KMS    =          exchange rate
RS      =          back side
pp      =          Proof, coin is absolutely fresh from the mint and was made in a special process
st       =          stamp gloss preservation (absolutely fresh from the stamp without signs of wear)
pfr      =          freshly minted without signs of wear
vz       =          excellent preservation. Very slight signs of wear possible
ss       =          very good conservation. Coin has minor signs of wear
s         =          good conservation. Coin has clear signs of use
sge     =          well preserved conservation. Coin has very clear signs of wear


Shortcuts Railways
2L DC   =          direct current
3L AC  =          alternating current
AT      =          tangl-/ hinged door
BA      =          battery drive
BdA    =          user guide / instruction manual
BR        =          type series
Brh.     =          brake house
CL       =          chromolithography
DT      =          double door
FA      =          color abrasion
ff       =          in working order
FÜ      =          color revised
HL        =          hand painted
ST       =          sliding door
UW      =          clockwork
Wg.      =          waggon
Shortcuts Machines/ Drives

KD = boiler diameter

Shortcuts Figures / Military Objects  

Hk        =         swastika
Hp       =          hard plastic
K.h.      =         plastic handpainted
M.h.    =          mass handpainted
NF      =          modern manufacturing
Wp      =         soft-plastic


Condition description

Z 1+     showcases model, mint, unplayed

Z 1       very good original condition, stock traces and age-related signs of storage, handling marks

Z 2       good original condition with some play traces, light paint defects or changes of colours

Z 2-3    good original condition, play traces, small parts could be missing

Z 3       good but played original condition, with stronger traces of play, rust formation, dents, paint abrasion be present, some small parts could be missing

Z 4       strongly played condition, new painted, stronger rust, lost parts, can be used
            for spare parts or replacement