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Frequently asked questions

Consign with us

How can I sell my items through an auction?

We sell your items to the highest bidder at our auction. Arrange a consignment date with us.

Our conditions are as follows:

The commission is generally 15% of the sales price plus a fee of 3 EUR per auction lot* for photo, catalog, online listing and insurance (plus applicable statutory value added tax on the commission and lot fee). No further fees will be charged.

*the fee for an auction lot of 3 EUR is independent of the number of parts that are combined in one lot.

Unsold lots will be transferred to the next auction after consultation with the seller. You can find more information in the menu Guide for Sellers.


Limit pices - What are limit prices?

Limit prices (starting prices) are set by the auction house in EUR. Limit prices are usually 60% of the current market value, which is also subject to determination by the auction house.



If the seller withdraws from the contract in whole or in part, the seller owes the auction house 36% of the agreed limit price plus VAT plus any additional costs. Withdrawal is no longer possible after we have started working on the catalog.



To protect you from risks, we have an insurance against theft, burglary, fire, and transport damages, which is valid starting with the deposit. Until the auction, the insurance value is the current market value, and after the auction the insurance value will be the hammer price.

For objects not sold at auction, the market value continues to apply.